MZ4 Bluewater Cruising Mainsail

Cruising oceans, sailing in gale force winds, or spending long periods of time under the caribbean sun? MZ4 sails provide you with the durability you are looking for. MZ4 sails are truly offshore bluewater voyager sails. Strong and durable with a soft finish for easy reefing or flaking.

MZ4 Mainsail

Sail Includes:

• Cross Cut Design
• Offshore / Bluewater Voyager or Offshore Catamaran Roach Profile
• Offshore / Bluewater Cruise Dacron (Soft Finish)
• 2 Set of Reefs (3rd optional reef)
• Full Battens
• Overhead leech line (if needed)
• Loose Foot
• Cunningham
• Tell Tales
• Sail Bag

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MZ4 Offshore Voyager cruising sails are designed specifically for the bluewater salty cruiser n mind. These sails are ideal for the cruiser and his boat ready to leave on a lifetime adventure, cross oceans or planning to go into the horizon and sail in deep blue waters. MZ4 will endure the fatigue of days of high winds and heavy seas. MZ4 are true offshore sailing sails. Soft finish for easy reefing and adde durability. All MZ4 sails are manufactured out of Bluewater cruise Dacron.

MZ4 Offshore Voyager cruising sails are available in several formats:

• Full Batten Mainsail
• Short batten configuration
• In mast Roller Furling with a hollow leech and clew block

• Headboards made in marine grade aluminium.
• Bolt rope or slides
• Nylon Tell Tales at leech batten for easy trimming.
• Clam Cleat for the leech and foot lines.
• Leech and Foot lines in Polyester or Vectran.
• Easy to adjust Battens pockets. All batten pockets are sewn with backing pads for extra durability.
• Heavy duty batten ends and luff boxes
• Cunningham ñ Available as a Press ring.
• Radial Patches are standard for better load distribution.
• Spreader Patches (if needed).
• Two or Three set of reefs.

• UV Cover optionally fitted at the Clew on roller furling mains in either Sunbrella or UV Dacron.
• Roller Furling Clew block are attached with webbing which is always sewn under the UV cover for enhanced UV protection.
• Hand sewn Leather Corner reinforcement in light grey leather. Soft headboard.

• Batten Car System package upgrade. Ask our sail consultants about our package pricing.
MZ4 Offshore Voyager Cruising Sails are guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship - subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear is not covered.