MX3 Racing Mainsail

An all Technora or Carbon Tri-Radial sail. Our MX3 Club Racing sails are ideal for racing boats who puts more emphasis in durability while aren’t willing to sacrifice performance. MX3 racing sails are performance oriented sails with endurance in mind. Ask about MX3 Offshore Racing.

MX3 Mainsail

Sail Includes:

• Tri-Radial Cut Design
• ORC or PHRF Racing Roach Profile
• Polyester Laminate Sailcloth
• 1 Set of Reefs (2nd. as an option)
• Racing Tappered Battens
• Radial Corner Patches
• Loose Foot
• Sail Numbers
• Draft Stripes
• Cunningham
• Tell Tales
• Sail Bag

Sail Quote Request
MX3 performance long-lasting racing sails. Build out of Polyester, Technora or Carbon Laminates. These sails are designed for the owner who wants a balance between speed and durability or for the crew heading offshore who wants to be sure that they can push the sails to the limit without any compromise.

• Headboards made in marine grade aluminum.
• Bolt rope or slides 
• Nylon Tell Tales at leech batten for easy trimming.
• Clam Cleat for the leech and foot lines.
• Leech and Foot lines in polyester or Vectran.
• Easy to adjust Battens pockets. All batten pockets are sewn with backing pads for extra durability.
• Cunningham – Available as a Press ring.
• Radial Patches are standard for better load distribution.
• Spreader Patches (if needed).
• One or two set of reefs. A third set of reef is available for performance offshore or multihull sails.
MX3 Tri-Radial Racing Sails are guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship - subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear is not covered.