MX1 Racing Mainsail

Mauri Sails MX1 Dacron Racing Mainsail are the go-to mainsail for any racer who wants to get the best performance without sacrificing the family budget. Mauri Sails MX1 sails are designed of a tough yet lightweight Dacron material to endure the unexpected conditions of a race course. Mauri Sails MX1 Dacron Racing Mainsails, a balance between performance and durability.

MX1 Mainsail

Sail Includes:

• X-Cut Design
• Class or PHRF Racing Roach Profile
• Racing Dacron (Firm Finish)
• 1 Set of Reefs (2nd. as an option)
• Racing Tappered Battens
• Radial Corner Patches
• Loose Foot
• Sail Numbers
• Draft Stripes
• Cunningham
• Tell Tales
• Sail Bag

Sail Quote Request
MX1 sails are designed with casual Club Racer in mind. These sails are ideal for the owner who wants to go beer-can racing on Wednesday but want to use the same sails over the weekend for a sunset cruise or for the serious racer who’s class does not allow laminate sails (like the J 105). All our racing Dacron sails are build out of SFD Firm Dacron.

• Headboards made in marine grade aluminum.
• Draft Stripes 
• Bolt rope or slides
• Nylon Tell Tales at leech batten for easy trimming.
• Clam Cleat for the leech and foot lines.
• Leech and Foot lines in polyester or Vectran.
• Easy to adjust Battens pockets. All batten pockets are sewn with backing pads for extra durability.
• Cunningham – Available as a Press ring.
• Radial Patches are standard for better load distribution.
• Spreader Patches (if needed).
• One or two set of reefs.
MX1 Racing Dacron Sails are guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship - subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear is not covered.