MZC Cruising Genoa for Nautitech 475

Mauri Sails MZC Charter Sails were developed to support the charter industry or the cruiser who is on a tight budget and is planning an offshore passage. MZC cruising sails are built to last and keeping in mind that the sail might be expose to the sun while at anchor. If you are running a charter company and need a new approach to sailmaking then MZC sails are for you.


I: 15
J: 4.9
LP: 95%
Sail Area: 33.8
Sail Cloth: Contender Charter 80C
MZC Cruising Jib

Sail Includes:

• Cross Cut Design
• Coastal / Offshore Cruise or Standard Catamaran Profile
• Soft Finish Dacron (for added durability)
• Default LP: 140%
• UV Sunbrella Cover (in leech and foot)
• Leech and foot lines
• Tell Tales
• Sail Bag

* Other recommended LP: 100%, 120% or 155%

MZC Cruising sails, serving the charter industry and support sailors on a "budget".

1. For non furling genoas head can be fitted with stainless steel ìOî ring, Press ring or webbing loop.
2. Webbing loops on roller furling headsails.
3. Luff tapes or hanks are standard. All luff tapes have double roping.
4. Port and Starboard wool Tell Tales for easy trimming.
5. Clam Cleat or V Cleat for the leech and foot lines.

• For short hoist jibs webbing pennants are available at head and tack.
• Round Tell Tale Windows available upon request.
• Overhead leech line adjustable at the tack (on large genoas).
• Sunbrella UV Cover at leech and foot for roller furling headsails.
• Webbing attachments at head and tack for easy furling.
MZC Cruising Sails are guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship - subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear is not covered.